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Carl Clarks

We conduct an interview with Carl Clarks for you, listen carefully to what he has to say.

Carl Clarks | April 5, 2023
Interview with Carl Clarks.

Interview with Carl Clarks: Collaborations and Thoughts on the German Music Scene

Collaboration with Well-Known and Up-and-Coming Artists

In a recent interview, we spoke to Carl Clarks, an up-and-coming producer and DJ, about his preferred artists to collaborate with. Clarks responded by stating that there are many talented artists in the world, each with their own unique qualities. He mentioned well-known artists like Alan Walker and Armin van Buuren, with whom he would like to release a track. Additionally, he expressed excitement about an up-and-coming artist from Hamburg, Germany, with an amazing voice, although he did not reveal the artist’s name.

Exploring the German Music Scene

When asked about potential collaborations with German artists, Clarks admitted that only a few interest him, as most of the music sounds meaningless and repetitive. Clarks emphasized the importance of staying open to new sounds and ideas, rather than sticking to the same overused sounds from the 90s. He expressed disappointment that this approach is still prevalent in the German music scene, despite the presence of so many unique sounds beyond the typical German Dom Dancer sound.

A Promising Future for Carl Clarks

Clarks also mentioned a young artist from Hamburg whom he had met earlier in his career. He noted that the artist has developed significantly since then and predicts a bright future for him in the music scene.

Overall, Carl Clarks is an artist who stands out for his creativity and originality. His music is unique and innovative, always seeking new sounds and ideas. We are excited to see what collaborations he will bring in the future and look forward to more releases from him.

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