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Carl Clarks launches his first solo production on ZYX Music: “Somebody You’re Not”

Carl Clarks | September 3, 2023

Carl Clarks’ debut solo production, “Somebody You’re Not,” takes center stage at ZYX Music

An exciting new chapter in the world of music

Hamburg, Germany – In an exciting turn of events, Dutch music producer and top-tier DJ Carl Clarks has just released his debut solo release with ZYX Music, causing a stir in the global music scene. After a successful five-year tenure with Storm Music Group in the Netherlands, Carl Clarks embarked on a new adventure in the German music market. When it came to choosing the right label for this exciting endeavor, ZYX Music emerged as the frontrunner, despite significant interest from other labels. For Carl Clarks, the challenge was key to his decision.

A visionary partnership with ZYX Music

With his new single, “Somebody You’re Not,” Carl Clarks marks the beginning of an electrifying solo career. In an exclusive interview, he gave us a glimpse into his collaboration with ZYX Music, emphasizing his satisfaction with the team and their unwavering dedication. Carl Clarks stressed that ZYX Music boasts an exceptionally competent and motivated team willing to go the extra mile for the success of his music.

High expectations for “Somebody You’re Not”

Expectations are high for Carl Clarks’ latest production, but his team is confident that the song will resonate with the right audience. The song’s profound lyrics make it a delightful listen both nationally and internationally. Carl Clarks is no stranger to the music industry, with an impressive discography to his name. With over 700,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, he has already built a considerable fanbase that continues to grow daily. Currently, 4,100 people are following his music on Spotify, a number that steadily rises.

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Don’t miss any updates; stay informed by subscribing to Carl Clarks’ newsletter. His latest single, “Somebody You’re Not,” is available on platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Beatport, Shazam, YouTube, and many more. We cordially invite you to dive into the captivating world of Carl Clarks’ music and follow his exciting journey as a solo artist.

About Carl Clarks: Carl Clarks is a renowned Dutch music producer and DJ with an impressive career in the electronic music scene. With his debut solo release at ZYX Music, “Somebody You’re Not,” he opens a new chapter in his music career, promising to captivate listeners with his unique musical vision. Visit his website and follow him on social media to stay up-to-date.

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