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Carl Clarks

Carl Clarks: “Music is my passion.

Carl Clarks | March 28, 2023

Carl Clarks is a well-known name in the DJ scene. We had the opportunity to meet him and ask him some professional questions. In our conversation, we learned that Carl Clarks is a big fan of music and expresses this passion in his work as a DJ.

When asked about his views on today’s DJs compared to those from the 90s, he said that it is difficult to compare the two generations. Technology has since advanced significantly and many DJs now use Technics Mk2 or Pioneer CDJs with a Sync button. But for Carl Clarks, it is important that a DJ masters their craft and not just press buttons. He condemns DJs who use an excessive amount of cue buttons, resulting in a poor show.

Carl Clarks also observes a negative trend among some female DJs who often present themselves on social media platforms, having thousands of followers but not gaining any real recognition in the music industry. He believes that this damages the reputation of the DJ community and undermines the work of talented DJs and music producers.

Carl Clarks explained to us that he DJs and produces out of his love for music. He enjoys bringing people to the dance floor and sees it as a way to express his passion and emotions. However, he is very selective in choosing his performances and only accepts those that meet his criteria and where he can share his music with an enthusiastic audience.

We asked him again about his vision for the future of music. He told us that he sees the future positively, but expects many changes in music production and predicts that many artists will disappear. He also believes that platforms like Spotify will lose value in the future. He sees Spotify as a Swiss Emmental cheese: the system is smart and well-designed, but it’s becoming more and more like a broom closet. He thinks that we will soon see something entirely new that is counterfeit-proof for the next 40 years, and that payment methods for artists will be different in the future, allowing them to make a good living. If this doesn’t happen, it will be our downfall.

We are excited about Carl Clarks’ upcoming events where he will showcase his music and thank him for the personal conversation.

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