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Carl Clark's Music Attack

Good evening, dear community,


I hope you are doing well. On November 15th, I experienced an unpleasant situation when my music was subjected to an unwarranted attack. Unfortunately, I know the person responsible for it. 


I am faced with the question of what motivated this person to launch such an attack against my songs. 


Is there so much hatred or envy in them, or did the person perhaps just want to express their own discomfort? I cannot fully answer this question, and honestly, I don’t want to. Because hatred, envy, and musical failure are not my motivations.



I intend to face this situation with a smile, and I am ready to forgive this person, and I already have. It seems that the person is already carrying enough burden. Therefore, I wish the instigator much love and health. May they find themselves again and overcome their inner conflicts. 


I hope these words fall on open ears.

As for the person who launched this attack against me, especially against my songs that I produced with a lot of love and hard work: This person seems to carry a burden, considering how they exploit other artists and people financially, distort facts, and deceive people with their presentation. 


I recognize that this person will bring about the end of their own career by the way they exploit others; I don’t even need to contribute to making it a reality. It’s not my style at all. Therefore, I feel no hatred or anger. In the end, it won’t even matter if I take any counteraction against the perpetrator, as they will tragically do the job themselves. However, I hope the person finds themselves before that happens and that their heart becomes healthy again. 


I wish the person strength and love to cope with the end in a humane way. I really hope that this person comes to their senses and realizes the damage they have caused with their behavior.

I am also aware that this person carries a significant ego problem, and I know that they only wish for one thing in their life: to finally receive recognition from people, and they are willing to do anything for it—no matter the cost, as long as this person gets attention and remains in the spotlight. Such people often do not realize that they are acting pathologically, and most of the time, they can’t help it. 


It is actually very sad when a person is in such a life situation, and that’s why I will not judge this person or fuel any hatred against them. An ego problem and an attention problem can become pathological and should definitely be treated with psychological therapy. 


Because if it is not treated and recognized in time, it can end up being harmful to the person themselves. It is really sad and unfortunate to see when a person is willing to do anything to get recognition from the outside world and convince themselves and behave as if they were the next superstar. What drives a person to take such a path? Was there not enough love in childhood? Was the person bullied in school? 


Did the person have a bad childhood? I cannot answer these questions; only the person, the perpetrator, can answer them. But, my friend, I will not condemn you for it; instead, I would rather give you a hug and tell you that I am sorry that you have been treated so poorly and disadvantaged in your life. 


And I mean it sincerely, so you can see that not all people are bad or have malicious intentions towards you or want to exploit or reject you.


You will not experience rejection from my side. And yes, there is a term for this behavior, and it is a serious mental illness. This illness is called a personality disorder. 


So, if you ever come across such people, do not reject them; give them a chance and give them love
so that these people affected by such an illness do not have to experience further rejection. Only in this way can we live together and give those affected the chance to become part of society again.

A piece of advice to the perpetrator: Seize the opportunity to work on yourself to become a better person. You cannot punish others for your failures and your ego problem. Reflect on it and take care of your heart.

Thank you for your support and understanding.
Carl Clarks


 Gelagweg 29A / 41379 Brüggen (Germany)

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