Origin of terms
The term tropical house is said to originate from a play on words by Australian DJ and music producer Thomas Jack, who – invited to describe his own style – mentioned summer vibes and the beach as an element of inspiration and idea of his music [1].

The characteristics of the Tropical House cannot be clearly defined because of its similarity to the Deep House.

DJs and music producers of one genre can sometimes be attributed to the other, such as Robin Schulz or Felix Jaehn. On the other hand, there are musicians belonging to the genre, such as Kygo or Matoma.

Typical Tropical House consists of sounds of saxophone, steel pan, marimba, guitar, flute, pan flute, piano or Keyboard. The percussion is a synthesizer in a 4-to-the-floor rhythm. The tempo of the songs is between 100 and 125 BPM. Vocals underline and transport the mood, but are not always part of a Tropical House song.